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We are very happy and extremely excited to present you with our 7th issue to close out 2013. So much has happened between September and now, we tried to feature as much as we possibly could 🙂

So for a brief summary of what to expect: Go West! Women’s Fall Collection, Drake, Atlas Genius, Austin Mahone, Atlanta Falcons, Lacoste L!VE, Rolls-Royce Wraith unveiling, the world of Burberry Brit, and that’s all you get! 😀

We want to thank everyone that helped us and all of you that read, THANK YOU! A huge thank you to Rich Leon, Lindsay Morrison, Tom LaVaccare, Marci Tate, Mali, Block, and Greg Williams for all that you’ve done.

With that being said, read ISSUE 7 and enjoy! Learn something new, share with your friends, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine 😉


Many thanks and much love from all of us! Enjoy your holiday!

-The TPR Team


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