Ever wonder why you apply your makeup at nine in the morning and by lunch time it already looks like you’ve had a 12 hour day? The truth is no makeup is going to withstand a 24-hour day no matter how tempting the product claims can be. There are however, several ways to make your foundation last longer. Having oily skin can cause your makeup to fade even faster and most women with oily skin have this problem. Priming the skin, setting with powder and spray are just a few tricks to help get the most out of your makeup.

Primers have been up for much discussion over the years. Some believe they aren’t needed but it truly depends on how well your skin holds products. Some people can put on a great moisturizer and go right into their foundation. Having oily skin however limits this ease-in process. Most foundations have a primer built into their formula. Especially those claiming to last 24 hours or more. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to get more longevity out of your foundation. If you just want a light primer that is quick and easy I recommend the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray. This vegan prep spray can be worn alone or under your foundation. It is infused with Vitamin B6 and vitamin E. The product claims to control oil, minimize pores and redness.

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From personal experience with this product it aided in controlling my oily skin and using it on my “no makeup” days allowed my skin to breath while still looking fresh. For those of us with oilier skin I recommend the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. This primer seems like it won’t do much with its thin consistency but it has been one of the best primers I’ve tried for my oily skin. I do have to touch up my nose after about five hours which is better than most products I’ve tried.


One of my go-to secrets with this primer is to set it with a setting spray before applying your foundation. I use the Urban Decay Deslick and the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Sprays. They both are amazing so I just reach for which ever is closest. By setting my primer, I’m adding an extra layer of protection to my skin for longevity. Another secret of mine is mixing the Mineral Veil with the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. This primer is very thick, sometimes too thick for my liking. By mixing this with the thin mineral veil it gives me the perfect consistency and I can go about 6-8 hours with no touching up. The extra step of mixing primers may be too much for some but it actually works on days I need my makeup to last.



One of the last steps I take in ensuring my makeup stays put, is to set it with a powder. There is no perfect powder to set your foundation, so just using what you have will suffice. It’s all about your application. Buffing a light layer of powder into your skin atop your foundation will not only give you an airbrushed look but it will ensure your foundation/concealer stays in place. The final step in this process is setting spray as I mentioned above. Using the same spray I set my primer with, I set my makeup. This acts as a seal or extra barrier from any oil that may slip thru and cause your makeup to fade. We all know oil and makeup don’t mix!

These are just a few products that can help in getting you through the day. It will take some time in finding the right combination of products to get your perfect recipe. As I always say, “Makeup is trial and error.” Trying at least one of these products will show a difference in your daily routine. Experiment and enjoy!


-Keisha Campbell


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