Imagine a world where Santa is sarcastically jolly and 1% of the North Pole’s elf population was 6 ft. 3 inches tall. That my friends is Elf The Musical. Set at Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole, Mr. Claus is more relatable than any of us first thought. Who knew that Santa Claus knew about Waffle House and Chipotle in Decatur? Just a few things that make this Santa amazing.

Buddy the Elf is a displaced elf who doesn’t realize he’s human until he hears fellow elves commenting on the mischief he haphazardly stumbles into. After asking Santa about his true origins, our pal Buddy is off to New York to find his father. Buddy, played by Ken Clement, was a happy and joyous elf who loved to sing, dance, and rejoice in the Christmas spirit. Once he finds his dad (D. Scott Withers) he knows he’ll have his work cut out for him. His family doesn’t believe in Santa and the majority of New York City share his sentiments. Santa’s sleigh runs on the beliefs of people as he very sarcastically explained how PETA ruined his reindeer operation.

Elf The Musical is a hilarious adaptation from the movie where Will Ferrell had audiences laughing all through the holiday season. While I wouldn’t say this is totally family friendly because of some of the comedy, I’d say anyone in their teens should be ok. The audience was great, the actors were great, and the singing was contagious.

The musical will be here through Sunday and you can order tickets HERE The Fox Theatre wins again as does Broadway Atlanta with another successful and thoroughly entertaining show.


-Jon. J

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