This past week I had the pleasure of attending my first art show presented by RAW. Raw was founded by Heidi Luerra in 2009 after wanting a way to get her out to the masses in a better way. You can join RAW online and also view work from other artists. The online hub features not only artists but filmmakers, makeup artists, photographers and other avenues of talent. A showcase will feature a selection of professionals from each field to show their work at the RAW events.

Before I get into the amazing artists let’s speak about RAW in general. Are these kinds of avenues needed? I think so, but the way it’s executed is more important. For makeup artists, filmmakers, and musicians, these types of events are perfect. But for artists, painters, photographers… This particular event may pose some setbacks. Speaking with some artists about the setup of the event gave me insight into things that may need improving for future events in Atlanta. The venue was a little crowded for an art showcase and some people had to walk about 10-20 minutes just to reach the venue. Art connoisseurs coming to spend thousands of dollars at these shows don’t want to spend 20 minutes looking for parking and then have to walk a long distance to get there. I think the venue could have been better, in the interests of the artists being successful.

RAW Atlanta - art - Aphropaintbrush

Aside from that I was very happy with the selection of work that I saw. There were a few standout artists whose work was nothing like anyone else’s,  including our spotlight artist, apHropaintbrush.

His work speaks for itself, with its uniqueness and gravitational pull. His influence is not only our African ancestors and the roots in which they come from, but the struggles that we face in todays society. Its organized yet confusing and leaves you curious (like life itself). During our conversation, he pointed out a lot of subliminal messaging he featured in his art that translates into everyday life. Feed into the energy of your elders, the universe, or whatever you believe in to move you forward past those that don’t want to see you win. You can find his work and others on RAW’s online hub. I will link his profile and Instagram down below. ;


-Keisha Campbell

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