Black Panther Red Carpet Premiere Atlanta

It rained most of the day Wednesday, February 7 but it stopped just in time for the event of the year! Marvel Studios held a private red carpet screening of Black Panther at the Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta and it was the place to be!

Our own Desmond Mclennon was in the house and got the scoop on everything that went down. One of the first guests he spoke with was Tyrese on how excited he was and what this means to him. “Man… I’m very excited” he grinned while being surrounded by cameras. “It’s Black History Month and it’s Atlanta. Everything about this city represents diversity, inclusion, and opportunity.” Gibson also eluded to ATL being his new place of residence.

Other celebrity sightings included Big Boi, Samuel L. Jackson (a surprise guest), Kim Fields, Ludacris, John Amos, and many more. Even Congressman John Lewis made an appearance to give a motivating speech that capped off the night! You can see all the celebrity guests AND a few sneak peeks of the film in our Red Carpet Recap:

Black Panther is breaking another record, outpacing all first quarter movie releases to become the highest grossing January to March film as far as pre-sale tickets are concerned. Already the top superhero film when it comes to pre-release tickets, Black Panther is tracking to debut with at least $120 million during its opening weekend and is projected to reach $400 million domestically by the end of its run.

But we aren’t surprised at all. There is literally no other movie like this out currently or has ever been made. We can only imagine what could’ve had the Blade series continued in its heyday.

What a way to start 2018 right? Especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have this, then Avengers, then Ant-Man, and even Venom. Is there anyone other studio coming close to this? No. But hey, at least DC is coming out with Aquaman.

We’ll have our review posted on Tuesday after our official press screening. Be sure to circle back and check it out!


-Desmond Mclennon, Jon J.

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