Born and raised in Chicago, LeGrand grew up surrounded with a variety of musical inspirations. His natural musical ability led him to explore playing multiple instruments, including guitar and drums, and experiment with songwriting in different styles of music in his college years. Bryant Reid, who played an essential role in developing several prominent artists in the American music scene today, discovered LeGrand in 2015 and is confident he’s found another potentially explosive new artist.

With a smashing debut performance in NYC this summer and his new video dropping soon, LeGrand is sure to join the long list of exploding artists that Reid helped bring to stardom. Check out his new single below.


International bass ambassador Conrank’s tireless mission to decimate dancefloors continues with the earth-shaking “Buk Em,” continuing his run of similarly weighty weapons for Circus and hot off speaker-busting collaboration “Easy Does It” with Bassnectar for the Reflective part 3 project.


Super-duo Carmada made up of multi-platinum selling producer L D R U and tastemaker Yahtzel, are pleased to share a massive remix package for their latest single “Ready For It,” featuring the unique production stylings of MUST DIE!, Holy Goof, Blanke, and Rido. The diverse package is out now on Insomniac Records.

The remix package for “Ready For It” consists of four very different takes on the original track, opening with a glitchy dubstep rendition from Blanke. UK-based artist Holy Goof takes “Ready For It” in a bass house direction, filling the track with breath-taking grimy, heavy sounds.


Today, Brooklyn-based nine-piece Turkuaz have released their new single and video “Life In The City”. The eye-popping animated video, which continues the story of On the Run, boasts otherworldly synths and rapturous horns as Turkuaz talks about being so pre-occupied with the hustle and bustle of modern life that we’re blind to what’s really going on underneath.

With epic drums, horns, vocals, and synths, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this track as much as we do. Plus the music video is like a video game in story mode.


Kick off your Monday the right way by checking out this surprise video release from current tourmates Dispatch + Nahko And Medicine For The People. This killer tour bus mashup of Dispatch’s most recent release “Letter to Lady J” and Nahko’s “Manifesto” is the perfect impromptu jam session. The video was filmed and edited by Michael Smith.

“We’ve been having such a good time on this tour together so we were looking for a song where we could invite Nahko and his entire band out to join in us on stage,” says Dispatch’s Brad Corrigan. “The idea of a live tour bus mash-up came about because Nahko’s song “Manifesto” has a chorus that’s in the same key and tempo as “Letter To Lady J.” So we hit record and the rest just rolled.”



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