Bring On The Storm is a Canadian melodic hardcore/punk rock band from Calgary, Alberta. The band was founded in 2016 by guitarist Brandyn Smith, bassist Josh Wallace, and drummer Clayton Fandrick. In early 2017, singer/guitarist Chris Kreuger joined the group, and their debut album ‘Altruism’ was self-released on November 4th, 2018.

New York City-based, Pop/EDM songwriter Rob Roth announces his new single “Who You Are,” featuring Marin Hoxha via 7Clouds.

Krewella’s new single “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling,” is out now as the next track from their forthcoming studio album “The Body Never Lies” (out on March 4th).

“‘I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling’ is a story told from dual perspectives: both the victim and antagonist, the predator and prey. Through anger, despair, and power, this song explores the possibility that below the surface, perhaps both exist in everyone, regardless of who they see themselves as in the narrative.” – Krewella

Chicago artists Très Mortimer and CP bring their tough and club-ready single “1000” to New Noise. CP’s voice grabs your attention right from the start as Très Mortimer’s production combines Hip Hop and House elements to create an infectious deep Hip House record. 

NJ’s FRND CRCL has released the new single”LIFEOFTHEPARTY.” It’s somewhat of an anthem for the introverted free spirits of the world who like to have their own idea of a good idea. It’s the heaviest song FRND CRCL has to offer to date and aligns with aspects of Nirvana and UK art-pop purveyors, Blur.

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