The building to the left is “The Twelve hotel and residences.” It serves as a hotel on one side, and residences on the opposite. The great thing about their condominiums is that they’re exactly like their hotel, except you stay there permanently!

To the right is the Millennium Gate. It looks pretty similar to something you’d see in Paris, France huh? (The Arc). But this is not the Champs-Élysées, this is 17th Street in Midtown. It was put in place after they finished the housing area that completed Atlantic Station a few years back. So what you can’t see is the park and lofts/apartments that the Millennium Gate compliments.

Last but not least the high rise to the top right is the Atlantic Residences. They take condominium living and redefine it. Now when we say that building has everything, we mean everything! The best part about it is it’s location, because no matter what side of the building you’re living on, you have a wonderful view!

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