1st Annual Fado Irish Pub Brewhaha

The 1st Annual Fado Irish Pub Big Brewhaha kicks off at 2pm on Saturday, September 14, 2013 and Atlanta beer lovers will bask in the hottest selection of local, regional and European craft beers.  With 75+ brews on hand, from over 15 local craft and International breweries, Fado, located in the heart of Buckhead, has pulled out all the stops so that the average beer lover to the beer connoisseur will leave not only satisfied, but blown away by the unlimited sampling event.  And like any great American craft beer festival, Fado Irish Pub is offering exclusive ticketing options for … Continue reading 1st Annual Fado Irish Pub Brewhaha

Gold Cup action tonight!

    Alright futbol (soccer) fans! The Gold Cup has begun and our USMNT (United States Men’s National Team) begin their journey tonight against Belize. Tonight’s schedule is as follows: Costa Rica v Cuba @ 8:30pm EST USA v Belize @ 11pm EST Sadly that’s not a typo for the USA, they’re playing in Portland, OR at 8pm so the USA will begin their Gold Cup journey very late tonight 🙂 If you paid any attention to the Confederations Cup which just ended you learned about MEGA underdog Tahiti. Well the “Tahiti” of this tournament is Belize, as they’re considered … Continue reading Gold Cup action tonight!