Great Atlanta Beer Fest

The Great Atlanta Beer Fest returns to Turner Field for its 3rd year! We are proud to announce the 3rd Great Atlanta Beer Fest at Turner Field on Saturday, September 7, 2013.  This event will feature 150+ beers, ciders, and a small selection of wines.  There will be live music with the Geeks Band, College Football on Big TVs, fun and games on Scout’s Alley and around the event.  The Chop House will host Atlanta’s newest Breweries. This has been one of the best festivals of the year, and this year will be even better. Advance tickets are $35, $40 … Continue reading Great Atlanta Beer Fest

Great Atlanta Beer Fest!

Beer, beer, and more beer! ; Every year, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta is jam-packed with events, and this year was no different. From Dragon*Con to black gay pride events, the city was busy. With all of this going on, my favorite event after the long weekend was the Great Atlanta Beer Fest at Turner Field. While the non-stop beer would be good enough to solidify its top spot in my weekend, there was much more to enjoy. Despite the rainy afternoon prior to the festival, skies were clear and sunny by the 3:00pm start time. Upon entering the grand … Continue reading Great Atlanta Beer Fest!