Osteria Mattone Launches Wine Bar Wednesdays

Every Wednesday beginning February 1, Osteria Mattone is hosting Wine Bar Wednesdays! Join us in the dining room or at the bar and enjoy a bottle of one of our 20 “Wine Bar Wednesday” wines for just $25! Osteria’s menu of 20 wines for $25 will feature a rotating variety of sparkling, red and white wines, all carefully selected by in-house sommelier Daniel Pernice. “We really enjoy sharing lesser known European varietals with our guests. Anyone who has traveled abroad knows that great wine doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Daniel’s worked hard to create a menu that … Continue reading Osteria Mattone Launches Wine Bar Wednesdays

It’s World Cup Time!

  The time is almost here ladies and gentlemen! The time where for one whole month, the entire world runs one 1 time-zone. That is because we are 24hrs. away from a worldwide party known as the World Cup! 😀 Now a lot of you who are not into soccer or the World Cup need to know why it’s so important. I know its hard to believe (especially in the Southeast region of the US) but, there’s a big gigantic world that exists outside of the USA, and there’s a sport more popular than SEC Football (lol). Every 4 years the … Continue reading It’s World Cup Time!