Morning everyone! For the second time in the past month we sent music specialist Angie Caquias on assignment. This time, to cover the Foster the People concert in Alpharetta, GA. Let’s see her account of the awesomeness shall we? 🙂

This past week Foster the People came to Atlanta’s Verizon Amphitheatre on their way to Bonnaroo 2012.  Twitter was already buzzing from their last performance on Tuesday in Austin, Texas where a guy proposed to his girlfriend right on stage!Sidenote: Word on the street is that Taylor Swift is dating lead singer Mark Foster so I was kind of hoping for an appearance of the country super star because I’ve had her song “Dear John” on repeat for days! LOL (no such luck)

Finding the backstage media entrance was a little bit of  challenge or yours truly because one of the streets I was supposed to turn on was covered by bushes! (Of course) But I made it right before show time.  This was my first time at this venue and it was packed to capacity! Opening for Foster the People were Kook and Kimbra. Kook is a cool indie British band and you may know Kimbra from the female vocals of the song “Someone I used to know” with Gyote.

In between the set right before Foster the People the stage was full of smoke and bubbles. I’m assuming to entertain the waiting crowd, which was full of aviators, Chuck Taylors and jorts. Suddenly, the lights went pitch black and all you could hear was the screaming of fans throughout the entire venue. The four band members all took their places on stage with a spotlight on each of them and immediately started jamming away!

Mark Foster was wearing white pants with a matching white blazer and gray screen tee underneath. His hair seemed perfectly in place and his boyish good looks only amplified this. The stage was like a playground for musicians. The music was upbeat and fun with drums, piano, bass guitar, synthesizer and a variety of percussion instruments.

They all took turns playing at different points of the songs and their ability to sing as well as play so many different instruments was impressive. Mark’s voice is captivating and he had the crowd mesmerized with every word.

I couldn’t help but to dance along while taking pics and even though I was working I felt as much of a fan as the kids screaming in my ears behind me! I was sad I had to go home after this show because I was definitely in the mood to hit up MJQ’s dance floor. After hearing it live, my new favorite song by them is “Miss You”. Overall, this was a fun, uplifting show that makes you bop around to the beat before you even realize it.

Angela “Yo Angie” Caquias

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