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TBZ goes all over the place with his latest set of reviews. One game was really really REALLY good. The other? meh, not so much. Let’s see why he strongly suggests one and totally trashes the other lol

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons continues with the destruction of their planet. But you get to see other memorable characters, like the Dynobots, Insecticons, Constructacons, and Metroplex.

WOW! That’s what I have to say about this game and if you are a Transformers fan you would say the same. You almost get to play with every transformer that you know, if not you get to see them. You get to see Metroplex, control Bruticus, and play with Grimlock. How awesome is that and what more could you ask for?

Now I did experience a couple of glitches and freezes in the game, but it can be overlooked because that’s how awesome the game is. Now for the multi-player mode, its loads of fun. You can customize your character from a scouter to a scientist, and from there you can go from team battle to free-for-all and cause mayhem. Transformers Fall of  Cybertron gets a 9.5… I say go get this game.


Expendables 2


This is a special report. I stumbled upon this game in the free downloads section on PS3 and from the start I’m going to say this game sucks! I give it a 1.5. I would give it a complete 0, but I was addicted to it for a little while. The control stick is stupid, you have to use one analog to aim, while using the other to move. To shoot, you have to press the right trigger and did I mention itss an overhead view, with bad voice acting. The only cool part about this game is that when your character dies, you get to choose another character in play mid-game. It reminds me of a Playstation game call Loaded and Reloaded which was ok, but this Expendables game sucks. Do not buy or even download the demo of this game… It’s a waste of life.


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