H30 Magazine presents the Midtown EcoFest

The weekend of November 3rd-4th kicked off the first annual EcoFest in Midtown. The first ever EcoFest was hosted by our friends at H30 Magazine at Millennium Gate Park. H30 is a great source for any and everything environmentally friendly and hosting the EcoFest was a way to push their initiative. Not just that, it was also used as a platform for others (companies and people) to share their green products, lifestyle, businesses, etc.

In front of the Gate on the top-level there was a DJ spinning great tracks to set the tone for the fun-filled afternoon. On the backside on the lower level you could find vendors of all kinds with their products on display and live music in accompaniment. Along with a live band there was an organic wine garden, multiple natural health and beauty vendors, eco-friendly clothing accessories and more!

One of the Healthy & Beauty vendors we spoke with were the ladies of Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose Beauty and Lifestyle Company is a natural beauty and personal care products company that markets its products through a network of independent consultants. All of their products are natural and eco-friendly. We tried their “perfume essence”  line which is a fragrant lotion which boasts benefits like Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. There were many scents from Brown Sugar & Honey to Brazilian Jack Fruit (and all of them smelled amazing). So it softens skin, rich in Vitamin E, rich in antioxidants, and has a vegetable base? A perfect blend of natural vitamins and minerals to earn its spot at the Midtown EcoFest! Thanks again ladies for all of your helpful information and for being so kind 🙂

While walking around looking at other vendors we also took time to chat with Brandon and Anthony of C4 Belts. C4 Belts are belts that come in every color imaginable and they’re interchangeable. So if you bought a green belt with a white buckle, you could take that buckle off and put it on a white belt. They come 40 inches long and you can cut it yourself to your desire (and the part you don’t use is recyclable). That is correct, environmentally friendly, recyclable belts! The cool part about this movement is that your money supports a cause.

With each belt or buckle, the consumer is given the opportunity to choose which cause benefits from their C4 purchase. A cause must be selected in order to complete a purchase. The selected organization will receive a portion of the customer’s C4 purchase. Each online purchase makes a difference to one of the four chosen causes: Boys & Girls Club of America, Project Kaisei, Human Rights Campaign, Kiva.


All in all it was a very fun event and we learned a lot! There was also a performance by Alix Lapri, a speech from Biocadence, and  we learned about the nonprofit organization Corporate Code (but we’ll give you the full scoop in our fall issue of our magazine 🙂 ). Be sure to check out H30 Magazine for all things green and to support your eco-friendly lifestyle 🙂


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