“When our flag falls our nation will rise”



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Has anyone else been waiting for this?! We discovered this on Front Row not too long ago and thought “this looks good!” So in case you don’t know anything about this film we have a summary below 🙂

When terrorists take down the White House (code name “Olympus”), a disgraced Secret Service agent attempts to rescue the president of the United States in Olympus Has Fallen, an electrifying and inspired action thriller from acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).

A small group of heavily armed, meticulously trained extremists launch a daring daylight ambush on the White House, overrunning the building and taking President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and his staff hostage inside an impenetrable underground presidential bunker. As a pitched battle rages on the White House lawn, former presidential security officer Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) joins the fray, and finds his way into the besieged building to do the job he has trained for all his life: to protect the president – at all costs.

Banning uses his extensive training and detailed knowledge of the presidential residence to become the eyes and ears of Acting President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and his key advisors. With tension rising, the radicals begin executing hostages and threaten to kill more unless their outrageous demands are met, our national security team must relay on Banning to locate the president’s young son, who is being sought as the ultimate test of the president’s loyalty to his country, and rescue the president before the terrorists can unleash their ultimate, terrifying plan.

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ has an impressive line-up of Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Rick Yune, Dylan McDermott, Ashley Judd, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser and Robert Forster. In other words, it’s going to be epic! Make sure to go see this film in theaters  March 22, 2013 and you can catch our review soon after!

The official website is www.olympusmovie.com

You can definitely see this review in our next issue too! Coming in 2 weeks!

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Angela Basset as Lynne Jacobs and Morgan Freeman as Speaker Trumbull in OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.


Morgan Freeman stars in FilmDistrict's OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN


Angela Bassett stars in FilmDistrict's OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.

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