Dion Primo releases his first track off of his new album ROOM 13 


Dion Primo releases his new single to the delight of many before he debuts his new project ROOM 13. As a songwriter and artist, Dion Primo is bringing both creativity and originality.

Primo (as I know him) is a creative of sorts. A man who sees life as a continuous opportunity to motivate, inspire, and to promote creativity and love. He as a person, is as genuine as they come, and that same life perspective can be felt in his music. By simply listening to the lyrics of his new track “F— with you”, the chorus spells out guidance to those who are looking to find themselves or new motivation:

“Shout out to the motha—— dreamer. Before you ever try to make somebody a believer, you gotta  f—  with you.”

There’s a lot of undeniable truth on this track, which adds to its appeal (aside from the beat). In a way all his own, Primo takes the task of explaining that delicate balance in all things that exist in our world. He explains in detail that before you can convince anyone else of what you’re saying, you yourself have to be convinced. Before you try to sell people on ideas A) and B), YOU have to believe in A) and B). “Everybody can’t be real” and  “everybody can’t shine, somebody gotta be lying,” are among the truths that exist. If everybody was real, where’s the space for someone to standout? If everybody were given the chance to “shine” then what would happen? If everyone told the truth, where would the status of rap music be at the moment?

The question is even poised by his feature on this track PBZE T.O when he says “You can’t please everybody so live. If everybody just played they role like Pippen, but everybody wanna be a f——– Blake Griffin.” This line right here is why often times groups and teams find their demise. The failure to master what you know and understand your place is crucial in life and in music. “Stay in your lane” is what I hear often times in reference to what makes groups work. But PBZE T.O makes a great point through the Pippen reference. What if Scottie Pippen tried to be the star and take the last second shots? That role and responsibility was specifically meant for Michael Jordan. But what worked with the championship Bulls’ teams is that everyone knew their role and stayed in their lane. So if you don’t wanna go along with everyone else, have an allotted lane to stay in, or feel like your settling when you feel like YOU should be the one shining, it sounds like you need to “f— witchu” as so aptly put by Dion Primo.

If you know Dion Primo the person, then hearing him promote things like self-confidence and goal achievement should be of no surprise. You also know that if he says it, its real. It’s the very monotony of sound that makes producers like  J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League  stand out. That same monotony in lyrics are where we find people like Kendrick Lamar and yes, Dion Primo, who choose not to settle and rap like the masses. But yet deliver a message of their choosing to accurately display a perspective or a goal. Or in the case of this track a very important message: Live for yourself, stay true to you, if you can’t/don’t want to rely on anyone else you can always depend on yourself.

The song can be heard in its original format below (lyrics are explicit).

Look for ROOM 13 this fall!


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