The team is back! Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and the gang land a new gig at cable news channel GNN. Starting off on the night-shift, the gang quickly make an impact on the people of New York and bring a different type of news that nobody else could deliver! And Ron’s new love interest Linda Jackson (Meagan Good) makes work at GNN all that much better. There’s lots of action that goes on from the guys breaking all the rules to change TV, to Ron losing his sight, to the extremely awkward family dinner with his boss Linda.

We saw lots of reviews that said this movie wasn’t funny. I’m not sure what movie they were watching because it wasn’t Anchorman 2. This movie had us in tears! There’s also a fight scene towards the end of the movie that makes absolutely no sense, but the cameos made it hilarious (because it was definitely random).

If you liked the first Anchorman you should enjoy the second, and in contrast if you haven’t seen the first film you can still enjoy this one. So go check out the new adventure with Ron, Brick (Steve Carrell), Champ (Dave Koechner), and Brian (Paul Rudd) in Anchorman 2. We give it a 8.5 out of 10.


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