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The world-over is preparing itself for one of the greatest celebrations in film! That being the Cannes Film Festival! 2014 marks the festival’s 67th year in existence and actors/actresses across the globe are preparing for this.

The festival will run from Wednesday, May 14, to Sunday, May 25. What you’ll find below is the screening schedule for the duration of the festival from Day 1 to closing. Included in the screenings list are the name, directors, length of film, location, and whether its invite only or not. From documentaries to Cannes Classics, there are hundreds of films to be seen!

Cannes Festival Screening Guide


We are also excited to announce the success of Atlanta’s own Omid Nabipour, whose film “Tears of the Innocent” will be screening in the ‘Short Films’ competition at the Cannes Film Festival! Omid, a student of Georgia Tech, recently won the school’s Campus Movie Festival with his short. He’s now taking his film to Cannes, France and then to LA for Campus Movie Festival Hollywood and Elfenworks (a social justice category for CMF competition). The film is right at 5′ in length and tells a riveting story about a girl who was sexually abused as a youth, and how her life goes from petrifying to positive.

Watch the film that earned Omid his place in the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival. The film will be screened on Monday, May 19 at 1:30pm in Palais F.



We’ll be bringing you updates periodically throughout the week, but to follow along with EVERYTHING Cannes Film Festival and also Cannes Film Festival TV, you can go to their website CFF


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