Primo takes us all to the “University of Self” with a lesson plan drawn up from his very own experience in the world this far. Leaving no subject untouched, everything from flashy designer brand wearing pastors to the dumbing down of the music industry for the masses.

The song opens up with familiar words like money, club, bottles, models and VIP section. Mocking the hip-hop artists of today, he grabs your attention, then begins class. He asks that you question the world around you. Corporations, television and healthcare are all part of a cycle to keep us down.

Primo says we need to be taught forward-thinking instead of just history in order to move ahead. All of these lessons are written out on a chalkboard beat produced by Phoenix and Lone$tarr. I can’t help but to picture a scene with Michelle Pfeiffer transforming the thought process of inner city kids. Maybe this is the “Gangsta’s Paradise” of today. (Where is Coolio anyway?)

Grab an empty seat in the front of the classroom and bob your head to Life 101 from a King’s Mentality.


(Explicit Lyrics)

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