GT vs Miami (White Out Game)

It was Georgia Tech’s tactics vs. Miami’s speed. Both were apparent from the beginning of the game. The Yellow Jackets were running trick plays and option plays from the jump, while Miami racked up the return yards. Everyone was looking forward to the annual White Out game. This year it fell on opponent Miami. The entire stadium was white (Georgia Tech) and Orange (University of Miami) and the chill in the air didn’t stop the fans from cheering as loud as they could.

While the Yellow Jackets had to execute plays with precision and use tactics, the Hurricanes of Miami stuck to their guns. What are the Miami Hurricanes known for? Speed. Flat out, unadulterated, amazing speed. The Yellow Jackets needed an answer for Miami Running Back Duke Johnson and quick. By the end of the 1st Quarter he had already racked up 70-yds. on 6 carries and found the end-zone early. Another example of speed; all 3 Miami Wide Receivers had receptions of more than 15-yds. One of the receivers Braxton Berrios scored a touchdown on his 21-yd reception.

On the other side of the coin, the Yellow Jackets had to inch downfield with every possession. Passes to the flat, draw plays, fake reverses, and of course their coveted run-option. It was clear that this would be a tactical game for Coach Johnson. The only time Miami gave up the ball was on dropped passes. Miami ran plays that gave their guys the opportunity to unleash their speed and it was effective. Tech attempted 0 passes the 1st Quarter but 4 players, Zach Laskey, Charles Perkins, Deon Hill, and Justin Thomas registered rushing yards to start the game.

Momentum finally fell in favor for the Yellow Jackets when Isaiah Johnson intercepted a bullet from Miami’s Brad Kaaya. With just under 6:00 left to play in the 1st Half, the Yellow Jackets were looking to put up 6 quick points. GT was in a 4th Down situation soon after starting their drive. What did they do? They ran a Fake Punt-Run, which easily became the play of the game. The punter got the 1st down and gave up his body as he was lifted off the ground and then slammed to a very loud “oooooo” from the stadium. Unfortunately it was in vain because they eventually punted to Miami to end the 1st Half.



In the 2nd Half Georgia Tech’s B.J. Bostic ran from 4-yds. out and dove for the TD. The score was then 21-14. Miami’s Michael Badgley kicked a FG to make the game 21-17 in favor of Georgia Tech. Fortunately for Tech, RB Deon Hill had other ideas than letting Miami catch up. After his rushing touchdown the game was then 28-17 with the Yellow Jackets leading by 11 points. There was still 11:31 left to play, plenty of time for a Miami comeback. With possession going back and forth the next 11 minutes it was an interception thrown by Brad Kaaya that ended all hopes of a Miami comeback.

Miami’s Duke Johnson had 101 yards rushing with a TD and Brad Kaaya threw for 245-yes., 1 TD and 2 Interceptions. Georgia Tech’s Zach Laskey ran for 133 yards and Justin Thomas went for 53 in the air (passing yards).

So that’s how the game ended on this upset Saturday (Alabama lost to Ole Miss, Oklahoma lost to TCU, USC lost to Arizona St., Auburn destroyed LSU, UCLA lost to Utah), Georgia Tech beat Miami 28-17. The Yellow Jackets are now an undefeated 5-0 going into next week’s match against Duke.


-Jon J.
Photography: Hakim Wright

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