Seven Handle Circus, a six-piece folk rock band from Atlanta, are thrilled to release their debut album Shadows on the Wall available now on iTunes, PRESS HERE. The band recently stopped by People to perform their single “And We Danced,” PRESS HERE.

The band’s debut album as a whole embraces the idea of uncertainty about what it means to enter adulthood without a place to land or a real sense of where you belong. Nothing is the way you expected it to be, a theme that resonates throughout the songs. From “Shadows,” a rollicking Americana number inspired by the writing of Plato, to the layered folk of “Never Gonna Last,” the album grapples with how to survive in today’s tumultuous world. The songwriting dapples in literary references: buoyant folk rock anthem “And We Danced” calls up Catcher In the Rye while the gliding ballad “Prelude” invokes Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “Ode To the West Wind.” The album’s closer, which Shawn calls a “morning love song,” was inspired by (and named for) Philip Larkin’s “Aubade.”

Shadows On the Wall alludes to Plato’s Cave,” singer/songwriter Shawn Spencer says. “After a journey you end up in the same place you were when you started, but instead of watching the illusions of the shadows on the wall you are now casting them. I think that’s where we are now. But we aren’t going to sit still for long because there’s a lot more music to be made.”

The acoustic sounds on the album resonate with sincerity and evocative emotion, each note played with passion and intent, something producer Tom Drummond of Better Than Ezra helped them to capture.

“Seven Handle Circus showcases mature songwriting beyond their years,” says Tom Drummond. “They combine impressive bluegrass chops with old school pop sensibilities.”

The band will be hitting the road in support of the upcoming album. For the latest dates and to purchase tickets, visit

Upcoming Tour Dates
Nov 13                  St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant with Better Than Ezra

Nov 20                  Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater with Better Than Ezra

Nov 21                  Chicago, IL @ House of Blues with Better Than Ezra

Nov 22                  Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom  with Better Than Ezra
Nov 23                  Birmingham, AL @ Iron City with Better Than Ezra
Dec 05                   New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
Dec 06                   Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
Dec 31                  Athens, GA @ New Earth Music Hall
Twitter – @SevenHandle
Instagram – @SevenHandle

Seven Handle Circus is:

Shawn Spencer – Guitar, Vocals
Colin Vinson – Banjo, Vocals
Steve Bledsoe – Mandolin, Vocals
Richard Burroughs – Fiddle
Jeff Harrison – Drums
Troy Harris – Bass, Vocals

Photo: Prem Midha
Photo: Prem Midha



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