Dreamwork’s HOME, directed by Tim Johnson, is a fun movie about aliens, change, and friendship. These particular aliens are called “Boov” and their specialty is fleeing from bigger, scarier opposition.

In Home we’re introduced to a socially awkward Boov named Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) whose main focus is enjoying fun and friendship. Unfortunately, his happy spirits are constantly being attacked by those he thinks are his friends. Even his name Oh came from whenever he announced his presence, people would respond “Oh,” as in “Oh…. It’s you.”

Constantly on the move, their leader Captain Smek (voiced by Steve Martin) has decided their new planet to “takeover” will be Earth. Under the impression that Boov are needed to “fix” these planets because of their lesser intelligent residents, Oh and the gang happily invade Earth.

Oh makes a new friend in Gratuity Tucci who affectionately goes by “tip” (voiced by Rihanna) and that’s where the life lessons begin. Any parent watching with their child will surely see the hard lessons involved with family, friendship, understanding, change, and compromise. The first lesson was learned quickly when Oh discovered that just because Captain Smeck said that humans were far less intelligent, doesn’t make it true. This would be the same if a parent passed on a bias to their child such as: “all New Yorkers are mean” “all (enter race here) people steal” “all southerners are country” etc.

Tip’s mother Lucy (voiced by J. Lo) has been displaced because of the Boov takeover and Oh has agreed to help find her. A funny thing to note is if you don’t discover Rihanna’s voice immediately, her voice in the background of the first 3 or 4 songs should give it away.

It’s a nice movie with good lessons and good comedy. It’s good to find a movie for kids that seems genuinely geared toward them. While adults more often prefer “children’s movies” of the Shrek variety, there isn’t enough crude humor in this to relate the two. There’s enough humor and fun in Home for all to enjoy. 8.5 out of 10.


-Jon J.

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