Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Ladies of Business Conference put together by the founders of Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta. The purpose of this conference was to provide an avenue for female entrepreneurs to learn what it takes to start a business from successful women in today’s society. Over a three-day period there were workshops, pitch competitions, and seminars providing endless information to attendees.

The first day of the conference was a great introduction into what was to come for the entire weekend. The Pitch Please! Competition was a way for business owners to see what it is really like to pitch your ideas to potential investors. Day Two was followed by numerous workshops. The amount of information obtained from these workshops was impressive. Speakers included: Rachel Jackson (R Jackson Agency), Nicole Garner Scott (100 Female Entrepreneurs), Nicole Davis (Moze Print and Design) and several others.

Ladies of business conference

The speakers were well versed in their fields covering everything from branding to legally protecting your brand. Attendees learned how to balance a busy lifestyle as well as take care of themselves in the process. There was also a segment on the financial aspect of growing your business. If one were to come into the conference knowing nothing about starting a business, they would leave knowing exactly what steps to take to get them started. Just attending day three of the conference left you feeling empowered and knowledgeable. The keynote speaker of the evening was Myleik Teele, founder of the Curlbox. She gave an intimate discussion on networking and many other topics with guests over dinner.

Day Three was the headliner with the Signature Brunch. The brunch featured a panel of female entrepreneurs, including Jasmine Lawrence (Eden Bodyworks), Claire Sulmers (Fashion Bomb Daily), Miss Diddy (The Brand Group LA), Ming Lee (SnobLife Studios), and Toya Wright (Author and The Garb Boutique). Each one of these ladies gave insight on how they broke through barriers and what they learned in the process of becoming successful entrepreneurs. They were very transparent about the mistakes they made while creating their businesses, which was commendable. This truly was an open discussion and a learning experience for everyone attending.

The venue, although spacious, was still very intimate. You were able to walk up and start a conversation with any of the speakers and that is something I know most of the attendees appreciated. At times it feels like these women are untouchable from the outside looking in, but this experience showed that they are women, just like most of us, that just took that extra step and decided to chase their dreams. For this to be the first conference presented by Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta, I think that they nailed it. From the presentation to the speakers, any woman attending this event in the future will not leave empty-handed. These ladies continue to impress me and many others with their growth as a brand and their passion of empowering women. Once again I’m excited to see what is next for the Ladies Who Brunch Brand.


To keep up with the movement follow their Instagram @ladieswhobrunchatl


-Keisha Campbell

*Images courtesy of the Garner Circle

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