Recently, a media teleconference with The Bad Dad Rehab cast took place to discuss this very critical story and subject matter about fatherhood and the importance in the family, especially the African American family.  The Peach Review® was delighted to to participate in this conference call for this film, which was written by the American Black Film Festival’s (ABFF) 2015 TV One Screenplay Competition winner, Keronda “Kiki” McKnightBad Dad Rehab makes its television debut Sunday, July 3 at 7pm ET on TV One.

Bad Dad Rehab stars Malik Yoba, Wesley Jonathan, Robert Riley, Rick Gonzalez, Robert Ri’chard and Keronda “KiKi”McKnight were all active participants on the conference call.  The movie also features Kandi Burruss. After turbulence with their respective children’s mothers and ex-wives forces them to take definitive action, four men in denial of their poor parenting skills attend a rehab for “deadbeat dads” that employs unusual methods to help them become true fathers. Through all the hilarity, hijinks, drama, and soul-searching, the men of Bad Dad Rehab discover fatherhood is less about making babies, and more about becoming men. 

Malik Yoba, who plays a counselor by the name of Mr. Leon brings all these men together for fellowship and support of each other to become better fathers.  That means accepting the responsibilities that comes with their lifestyles. Yoba states, “I think this film has a great opportunity to create a movement for healing within our community.”  In his personal life Yoba has a foundation called, “The Malik Yoba Fatherhood project / Iconic 32”, so working on such a important topic on a film made the process seem natural to him. Bad Dad Rehab has the potential to be a nudge to help someone going through these situations and to heal it like the characters in the film did.”

This movie is a definite must watch for everyone out there and the network would love to get actual feedback from their audience. Whether you are a father, mother, child, friend, neighbor or grandparent use the hashtags #tvone #baddadsrehab and share your thoughts on your social media.

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-Desmond McLennon

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