While using black soap and shea butter on my skin, I’ve noticed that my regular moisturizers just don’t work for me anymore. As I have stated many times before, I have oily skin but it has recently experienced some dryness in the past couple of months with me being out in the sun more than ever. I knew I needed more moisture on my skin and I decided to research oils that work with oily skin. I always thought I couldn’t use oils until I used Josie Maran Argan Oil in a set that I purchased from Sephora. Being that my skin has been on the dry side I have been leaning toward my Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Mask. That mask has always left my skin feeling moisturized and leaves me with a glow. The best part is it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all. To keep the moisturizer locked in I decided to try the argan oil before I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning my skin was feeling youthful and had a subtle radiance.

After doing some research and trying different oils I realized that I could get some of the same benefits from oils as I do from the moisturizers I use. Jojoba oil is considered a light oil that mimics skin’s sebum. It is great for oily skin as it tricks the skin to produce less oil. It does give the face a slight sheen so I wouldn’t recommend using it while wearing makeup. I find that using oils at night after I cleanse my face allows my skin to still be moisturized in the morning and I can use a small amount of shea butter if I need it.

Some creams tend to sit on top of the skin without fully penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. This causes you not to receive the full benefits of the product due to all of the other ingredients that may be stopping the full penetration. The other great thing about oils is that they are customizable and work very well together. You could easily research what works best for your skin and create your own mixture. This saves money and is a more natural approach to taking care of your skin. I encourage you to look up all the benefits of using oils and I guarantee you will be surprised by what you find.

-Keisha Campbell

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