On the night of April 12 in Atlanta, leaders and members of the law enforcement community including Atlanta Police Department, Cobb County Police Department, The Atlanta Police Foundation, Atlanta Commissioners’ Office and the Georgia Chapter of National Black Law Enforcement Executives attended an exclusive screening of Amazon Prime Video’s Bosch Season 3 at Regal Atlantic Station. Cast Member and Atlanta native, Madison Lintz, made a special guest appearance and thanked law enforcement for their contributions and service to the city of Atlanta. Concurrently at the Los Angeles screening, Bosch’s Michael Connelly (Author and Executive Producer) and Henrik Bastin (Executive Producer) with show consultants Los Angeles Police Department Detectives Mitzi Roberts and Tim Marcia treated Los Angeles law enforcement to a Q&A following the screening.

Bosch chronicles LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, a tenacious cop who struggles to attain justice in an imperfect system; a system in which the guilty sometimes go free, and marginalized and forgotten victims become anonymous statistics. Based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels, The Black Echo and A Darkness More than Night; stories that pit Harry against ruthless opponents who threaten to ensnare him, the third season of this streaming hit series promises to be the most compelling yet. Bosch’s  cast includes Titus Welliver (Lost), Jamie Hector (The Wire), Amy Aquino (Being Human), Madison Lintz (The Walking Dead) and Lance Reddick (The Wire).

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As a journalist, you wish every screening could go as smoothly as this one. Amazon went way out of their way to make sure everyone was comfortable, even providing us with food and beverage. Plus, the best way to beat this hot Atlanta sun is with my brand new Bosch hat. There was a photographer present, the Bosch swag was a nice touch, and they even had a special filter on Snapchat for the screening. Speaking of which, if you’ve been seeing ads between your snaps from Amazon, it’s for this very series.

If you’ve never heard of the series and are wondering about its following, the trailer for the new season has 1.8M views as of today (and it was uploaded March 2).

After watching the first two episodes, I quickly became a fan of Bosch’s daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz). She plays the role of a cop’s daughter whose hours fluctuate daily but understands the process and time invested in his job. When he arrives home from work as well as his morning drop-off routine with her feel very organic. Also, I’m not just saying that because she was four seats to my left in the auditorium, she legit did a good job.

At first, Bosch annoyed me as I wondered, “How many police series can be made with a hot head protagonist that pushes the envelope on everything?” But as the first episode closed and the second began (we saw the first two episodes of Season 3), I started to warm up to him a bit. A character who’s still trying to find closure after the murder of his mother, he will bend the rules and add his own along the way to solve cases and bring closure to families.

I give Bosch an 8 out of 10. Screenings were held simultaneously in 10 cities (New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle) across the country.  Bosch Season 3 premiered on April 21 on Amazon Prime Video. So now that I’ve cosigned on this, it’s time for you to have a look.


-Jon J.

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