The Central American International Film Festival (CAIFF) is holding its 3rd annual film festival in Los Angeles at the LA Film school on November 3-5. They will be celebrating and showcasing Central American cinema and culture with a line-up of emerging and unique Central American filmmakers and a program full of cultural entertainment.

This festival is the first of few to represent Central American cinema and culture at a global level while showing the potential of emerging and established Central American filmmakers to compete and produce in the film industry. This will be an opportunity to bring both the Central American and other cultural communities together to experience, enjoy, learn, and appreciate cinema and culture through a three-day festival. CAIFF boasts 27 Central American-made films, an art exhibition, educational workshops, and performances.

Admission to the festival will be FREE to the public this year, however, donations will be accepted from attendees. Half of the donations will be donated to provide relief to the victims of the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Oscar Torres, who is a screenwriter of Hollywood produced movies like Instructions Not Included and Pulling Strings and is an advisor to the Central American International Film Festival, shared with the audience at our film festival’s university tour screening at UC-Santa Barbara, “This is one of the most important steps that Central Americans have taken for cinema and to initiate this festival that has already step foot in El Salvador and in Los Angeles and to start the University Tour is a wonderful idea because you will be able to expand on what we as Central Americans are about.” We will be screening another Hollywood produced film of Oscar Torres in this year’s festival called, Bravetown with Josh Duhamel and Laura Dern.

The festival is an invitation for everyone to come and learn more about who Central Americans are and what the Central American culture has to offer to the world in the hope of creating more understanding and equal recognition amongst the diversity of cultures in the world.

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