The perfect way to kick off this sunny weekend after having weeks-long cabin fever is with Nashville’s own alt-rock-five-piece band Moon Taxi. On Friday, January 19 they released their fifth studio album titled Let the Record Play and it’s easily the most complete project I’ve heard this year.

I discovered the group earlier last year when they released their album-titled single “Let the Record Play” and I was immediately drawn in by their smooth percussion and big band sound (I didn’t know if I was listening to jazz or rock). But it was their single “Two High” that pushed me over the edge from being ‘aware’ of the band to an official supporter.

The aforementioned track, which was also featured on a Jeep Compass commercial and performed on “The Today Show”, was a perfect pick for a single as it draws in a mass appeal from a myriad of angles. First off, it’s a call to action: “We can walk together with our hands up in the sky!” We can come together and peacefully do anything we want to do “just don’t give up on the vibe.” The track quickly morphs from section to section with minimal instrumental support, to jumpstarting the party with the ‘big-horn’ section, to the back-soothing melodies that prep you “to get ready for more.” It’s a motivational, party starting, feel-good track that deserves all the acclaim that’s come its way (like its 74 million streams on Spotify).

The song “Trouble” has the band acknowledge the realities of life, the inevitable if you will: “Troubles gonna find us wherever we go.” Here’s a track that shows off the wide range of instruments used on the album. All throughout the track you can feel the good vibes from the strings section… Which is great, but before you can get comfortable they come out of left field with both guitar and keyboard solos. The sound is mesmerizing.

Moon Taxi consists of Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitarist), Spencer Thomson (lead guitarist and producer), Wes Bailey (keyboardist), Tommy Putnam (bassist) and Tyler Ritter (drummer). The band’s inspiring, inclusive worldview can be felt in their lyrics and their sound. “It doesn’t matter where you stand, we’re just trying to get folks to stand together,” said Terndrup.

moon taxi
Photo Credit: Harper Smith
From L to R: Tyler Ritter, Tommy Putnam, Wes Bailey, Trevor Terndrup, and Spencer Thomson 

Produced by Thomson, Let The Record Play is a document of one of the most creative bands to emerge from Nashville’s immensely fertile landscape – and one that has been thriving on the festival scene for years, bringing their electric performances to Coachella, Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo and beyond.

Their sound is a battle cry to unify the masses through infectious melodies, but if you’re more into the rock segment of ‘alt-rock-five-piece band’ they have you covered there too. “Moving To The City” features heavy drums and guitar paired with more rugged lyrics to fit the genre. The track “No More Worry” has more of a 311 feel to it. I remember the first time I heard “Amber” when it debuted, it has that kind of sound. I had the same type of relaxing vibe while listening to “No More Worry” (the track lays true to its title).

I confidently give Moon Taxi a fresh 10 out of 10. If you’re ready for the first complete album of 2018 or you’re looking for a project that you can let play without skipping a track, Moon Taxi has delivered that and more with Let The Record Play. You can purchase and/or stream their new album HERE

-Jon J.

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