Actor R&B sensation Tank released a brand new album titled “Savage” September 29, 2017. The 11-track LP boasted features from Candice Boyd, J. Valentine, Ludacris, and fellow crooner Trey Songz.

At first, I was apprehensive when I heard of a new album on the horizon. I was more familiar with his onscreen appearances on Bounce TV/TV One than his music at the time. But any doubt I or anyone else had prior to his album release was totally nullified with the release of his single “When We.” Not only was the song itself a hit, but the official music video has over 39.6 million views and counting.

With the success of the music video and a ridiculous amount of air-time, the momentum was solidified and all that needed to happen was the release of his album. I am happy to report that the entire 11-track LP is a banger. This is one of those albums that you can play from beginning-to-end without skipping. The general public owes Tank a huge ‘thank you’ for showing what real R&B sounds like and how bad it’s needed on today’s music scene.

The entire month of September saw Tank on the road for his “Savage Tour” which also stopped here September 3 at Wolf Creek Amphitheater.

The timing for this release couldn’t be better, as the state of love music is in a sort of transformation period right now. Currently, the R&B genre has seen many new entrees (mostly from women) and a uniform sound has started to take shape. If you took Jhene Aiko, Cassie, and SZA and played their music simultaneously it would all sound the same. Then on the guys’ end, the focus is usually on the music than the lyrics. What gets infused on an otherwise pleasant sound are cringe-worthy lyrics that boast a type of straight-to-the-point message that’s not emblematic of lovemaking or even ‘setting the mood.’ But fret not, for “Savage” has come to deliver the public into love-filled euphoria.

The way I see the tracking on this album is more like a process. The very first track borrows the album title “Savage” and has more of a trap feel that appeals more to his new generation of listeners. This is where I’d say if you’re on a date, this is the song in the car that bumps while driving back to your place. That follows with another head-nodder “Everything” which features Trey Songz and Ludacris. By this time you should be pulling up to your place and hoping she’s following behind you. With that, playtime is over, because tracks 3 through 11 are all about getting in that mood for love. My personal favorites are “When We” “Nothing On” and “Stay Where You Are.”

In between crafting his albums, Tank continues to make an impact as a songwriter, leaving his mark on pop culture at large. His writing credits include songs for everybody from Jamie Foxx, Pitbull, Aaliyah, and Beyoncé to Trevor Jackson and Adrian

Marcel. At the same time, he’s evolved yet again outside of music with his fitness program Stronger U and starring role on the 2015 TV One hit Born Again Virgin. It’s crazy to think he cranked out this kind of quality while balancing acting and songwriting. It makes me wonder what he could’ve delivered if all of his time was spent on his music!

This new generation, unfortunately, missed an incredible period in the late 90’s/early 2000’s where love could be heard all around. From Ginuwine and 112 to Next and Dru Hill, the masses could feel the love and as a man, you had your pick of music to set the mood. Tank has revived that era of greatness with “Savage” and for that, we owe him a huge thank you. My only gripe with this album is that I wish it was longer. I mean can a brotha get at least 14-tracks? Next time can we get an album that inches closer to 60 minutes instead of this 44?

This album is versatile in so many ways, that it delivers music for every type of listener to the point where buying the censored version doesn’t damage its validity as a true R&B album.

“Savage” is available now on all platforms


-Jon J.

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