Ever one to engage with his fans in new and unique ways, Martin Garrix released his triumphant new track High On Life at the stroke of midnight on July 29—the second he finished his much-anticipated closing set at Tomorrowland in Belgium.

He finished his set—which was also streamed online—with this new stunner and was accompanied on stage by Swedish newcomer Bonn who performed the track live joined by impressive fireworks. During the performance, the official video was also shot.

Pop superstar singer, Tiffany Young, released  the music video for her powerful new song, “Over My Skin.” The video is an edgy, sassy and instantly attractive take of the song, which sees Tiffany dancing in front of a classroom and in the midst of a high school marching band.  As of today, the video has gained well over 2 million views.

Tiffany is coming into her own as a solo performer, pushing the boundaries as she embarks on the next exciting phase of her artistic pursuits. This video is the artist’s own commentary on the pressures that are brought to artists to “make it”.


Nashville’s rockers, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes unveil their new music video for the track, “Running.” “Running” is off their new album, Fashion, available now via Color Party Records.

Daniel Ellsworth, says, “We shot the video for “Running” with director Joe Gomez here in Nashville. We wanted to subtly capture the story of the song, which is a reflection on a broken relationship told from the perspective of someone who is really torn up about the whole thing because they’re still in love and unsure why the other person left. Filmed in the penthouse suite at The Fairlane hotel and also the art gallery at Fort Houston, the video features Danielle Maltby and Doy Gardner beautifully capturing the emotion of a struggling relationship. In the end – tired, but still in love – Doy eventually makes his way back to Danielle. Joe’s use of different colors to help convey emotions is the string that ties the whole video together.”

Alt-Pop band, Saint Slumber are thrilled to announce their new EP Youth//2, just released on September 14. To celebrate, Saint Slumber has unveiled the new single “Stay Away.”

The band says, “We chose our newest single STAY AWAY as the first track of our upcoming record YOUTH//2, so I can confidently say this song is strong enough to open up an entire record. Inspired by the soundscapes of retro movie soundtracks, this song is a dark and lush introduction to Saint Slumber. It combines all of the elements that give us an identity as a band, and I’m super excited that this track is going to serve as people’s first impression of us.”


Meet Parish f/t, former Cage The Elephant guitarist and now producer, Lincoln Parish’s solo project. Parish is thrilled to share his new debut single “What I Need,” featuring vocals by Paul McDonald.

Parish says, “This project came about as a happy accident this was the first song that I felt completely broke me out of my shell. My goal for this project all along has been to make music that allows people to tune out and have a good time but also pulls on the heartstrings.”

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