Layering wispy vocals over deep dance production, Prince Fox crafts another forward-thinking pop single with “Rock Paper Scissors.”

“Rock Paper Scissors” comes at the end of a year filled with personal growth and artistic reinvention. In 2017, Prince Fox found himself burnt out from touring with his anxieties at an all-time high. He stepped away from life on the road to refocus his energy and rediscover his sense of purpose. During this transitional period of self-discovery, he rid his life of toxic energy. Stepping through the other side revitalized and re-focused, Prince Fox released a series of singles this fall, “Fake It,” “Trust” and “Come Thru.”


Max Styler steps out of the darkness and embraces a bright and vivid take on dance music via his Feel It EP. Opening with the title track, Styler utilizes deep bass tones, vocoded vocals, and anthemic turns to create an undeniable house burner.

Australian indie rock band The Griswolds then join Styler on a vivacious piano house and indie pop fusion “Light Me Up.” Sandwiched between deep club grooves “Motion” and “On My Mind,” Styler leaves his production open for singer/songwriter Nevve’s cushiony vocals to ride effortlessly on “Bulletproof.” The record closes with bouncy future house number “All Love Your Love,” capturing the vibe with bright synths and hooky vocals.


Jason Ross has just unveiled his brand new single “Don’t Give Up On Me” featuring Dia Frampton. The single marks his second release on Seven Lion’s Ophelia Records. The young electronic music phenom has made an exceptional name for himself during the recently ended ‘Journey 2’ tour with Seven Lions, showing off his innate ability to mix between progressive trance and melodic dubstep before 80,000+ fans across the two-month tour.

Soaking up inspiration from his tour with Seven Lions, “Don’t Give Up On Me” begins with Dia Frampton’s graceful vocals, which mesh perfectly with Jason’s breathtaking melodic bass sounds. The single incorporates heavy synths and soothing melodies to create a blissful listening landscape.


Bamboo Star is every bit as interesting and culturally unique as their hometown of Hong Kong. Like their fast-paced city, Bamboo Star’s music, recorded with LA-based producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Airbourne, Shinedown), is high-energy. The band makes their entry into the US market with their dazzling EP “No Hard Feelings”. The EP was pre-launched into college radio in November 2018 and has hit #8 on the NACC Heavy Top 30 as of the first week of December 2018.

The name Bamboo Star is an English play-on-words for an old Cantonese slang for a person caught between Chinese and Western cultures. The band says, “Our music is for anyone who has ever felt like they fit in everywhere and nowhere.”  Rock music, in their estimation, has been the voice of the disenfranchised and will bring people together.


Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan have been friends for a good while now and began making tracks together before the world knew either of their names. After the outstanding previous collabs BFAM and Welcome comes another fresh track in the shape of Glitch — a project they started working on six years ago and only recently decided to finish.

Centered around an expansive melody, Glitch is a powerful track with big drops, razor-sharp electro bass, and colorful synth sounds. An array of different sounds are used to create minute fills. It’s a feel-good anthem befitting of both of their talents, and with all their experience and knowledge, the promise of this early demo has now been fully realized.


International Pop Star, Nominjin, continues to enchant with the release of her new music video “Kiss Me at Midnight”! The music video is fun and celebratory featuring mystical locations in LA. The high-energy dance track shows off Nominjin’s trademark vocal prowess that has won over fans all across the globe. With a blend of dance, soul, and pop, “Kiss Me at Midnight” is the introductory single to her upcoming EP, Free Soul, slated for an early 2019 release.

Nominjin has been captivating audiences since the young age of 12. She skyrocketed to fame in her home country of Mongolia where she became their first ever and only pop teen idol. As a multi-linguist solo artist, singing in 15 languages, Nominjin has performed and toured all across the world in more than 15 countries in front of audiences of up to 70,000 people.


As the DJs put her first song, “Feel Alright,” and its dance remix by David Anthony into rotation, singer/songwriter, Tebby, is wasting no time releasing her follow-up, “Medicine,” a duet ft Jeremih, from her forthcoming EP, Love Is The Remedy, executive produced by Grammy Award-winning producers, Cool & Dre.

While some music lovers are just discovering her, Tebby already has a number of songs waiting in the wings. So many that pulling “Medicine,” out of her treasure trove is like a vintage enthusiast discovering yet another hidden gem while antiquing. “Medicine started in my friend’s studio in The Bahamas a little over a year ago. It was the first song I wrote for Love Is the Remedy,” shares Tebby. “Medicine is about chemistry – the kind of chemistry that defies gravity, leaving you feeling like you’re floating, like you can take on anything together,” she explains.

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