Captain Marvel Review: It’s Actually A Good Movie

Let’s get straight to it. Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel… They turned a trash character into a good movie. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because the character hasn’t been relevant in 20 years within the comics. The only reason we know about this character is because of the 90’s X-Men cartoon when Rogue stole her power. Other than that we don’t know anything about her. They did a revamp in the comics in Civil War, Civil War II, and the Skrull Secret Invasion. Other than that the character was nothing… But the movie is good!

They did a tribute to the great Stan Lee with the opening credits and his cameo in the movie hits you straight in the feels. The movie itself had a comedic tone to it and it needed it because if it didn’t, it would’ve been really bad.

The film was loaded with nostalgia, with sights from Blockbuster Video to music from No Doubt down to the way Carol Danvers dressed. It just fit. Brie Larson did a great job of playing Ms. Marvel.

Captain Marvel.jpg
Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL..Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) ..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

The film was totally different than the comics. First off, they changed her from a guy to a girl. Then, they kept the aspect of Yon-Rogg betraying Ms. Marvel (because in the comic he had a crush on her but she had a crush on Captain Marvel). The way she got her powers in the comics was half his powers went to her after an explosion. In the movie, it was a core explosion and she absorbed the power. Talos the Skrull general was totally different. He didn’t have any powers in the comics. He was more of a cybernetic Skrull but he was strong and could hold his own (he even fought the Hulk). In the film, he was a regular Skrull but more of a tactician with the ability to shapeshift. The Skrulls were more barbaric and evil in the comics while in the film they played a more protagonistic role (and they were way more peaceful).

[Spoiler Alert] Samuel L. Jackson did an amazing job as Nick Fury and the way he lost his eye is actually pretty funny. They played it up in the movie and that made it even better.

The end-credits and post-credit scenes lead up to End Game (the next Avengers film). Now we have to ask ourselves, “What was Capt. Marvel doing between the ’90s and now? Between the ’90s and Infinity War?”

This movie totally surprised me because as I’ve mentioned three times already, I thought the movie was going to be trash. Instead, they made me do a complete 360 and blew my mind because it was just good. I’m hoping that they continue to build on her character and make her more relevant in the comics too because she needs a total reboot.

I give Captain Marvel an 8.5 out of 10.



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