A 31-12 victory over the Jaguars makes for one win in five to end preseason for the Falcons

It’s not the preseason that fans would’ve wanted but there’s one silver lining: it’s just the preseason. That’s about the only thing available for fans to hold on to until the start of the regular season.

The 2019 preseason allotted the Falcons five chances to get a look at how they stack up competitively before the season starts. Their opponents included the Broncos, Dolphins, Jets, Washington, and the Jaguars. They lost their four straight games before traveling to Jacksonville to pick up a 31-12 victory over the Jaguars.

Atlanta totaled 425 yards, including 255 rushing yards, and the defense held the Jaguars to 259 total yards to mark that victory. It also makes for their first preseason victory since 2016. After the game, Head Coach Dan Quinn stated how much closer they looked as a team:

“It was good to close out preseason tonight with a win. Seeing the strain and the effort tonight from so many guys who got extended playing time, I thought that was important. In the locker room just now, we wanted to thank all the guys who were a part of this brotherhood for the preseason because we recognize it’s not like that everywhere. The rapport comes from players through players. You saw that on our sidelines tonight and I was proud to see that; that unconditional and unrelenting support and how everyone could be involved to help.”

The two bright spots in their last match were quarterback Danny Etling and undrafted rookie running back Tony Brooks-James. Brooks-James led the team with 15 rushes for 137 yards and two touchdowns. Brooks-James was signed to the Atlanta Falcons after rookie minicamp on May 11. The Oregon alum posted one touchdown in the second quarter for 15 yards and the second was a preseason-long 52-yarder in the fourth quarter. His 137-yard effort marks the most rushing yards by a Falcon in a preseason game since 2016. He finished the preseason with 180 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns.

Here’s their preseason in a snapshot:

vs. Broncos L 14-10

vs. Dolphins L 34-27

vs. Jets L 22-10

vs. Washington L 19-7

vs. Jaguars W 31-12

The regular season begins on the road at Minnesota to face the Vikings on Sunday, Sept. 8.

It’s not time to freak out just yet Falcons fans.


-Jon J.

Photos: Hakim Wright

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