Meet South London’s James Vickery who is the new face of UK R&B. With his COLORS video catching the attention of 13 million people in the first year as well as his partners of TH3RD BRAIN and Roc Nation. JV sold out the Jazz Cafe in London, had a peak slot at Glastonbury, and has yet to even debut his live show in the U.S.

He’s now thrilled to release his new single, “Something Good.” The track is the first release in over a year, produced and written with Maths Time Joy. While JV makes the finishing touches to his debut album, JV wanted to give fans a song that echoes the sentiment for everything else he has in store.


Emmy nominated actress, producer, filmmaker, writer and musician, Anna Akana, has released another new song “Not My Proudest Moment” from her forthcoming album, expected later this year. “Not My Proudest Moment” is the fourth single she has released along with “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry,”“Alone Together” and “Intervention.” Anna says, “This song was inspired by the time I woke up at 1am and somehow knew my boyfriend was cheating on me. So I biked over to his house and sure enough, I was right. Always listen to your intuition”

On her debut album, Anna Akana takes an unapologetic and uncompromising look at all the battles she’s faced throughout her life, from depression to abuse to toxic relationships. But with the same unstoppable spirit and magnetic presence she’s shown in her self-driven career as an actress, producer, filmmaker, and writer—as well as a social media superstar whose YouTube channel boasts over 2.5 million subscribers—Akanaturns all that pain into a message of strength and self-empowerment.


Edgy rock musician Troi Irons new single, “Hold On To Your Heart” is out now via Veni Vidi Vici Sounds/ Platoon.

Troi says, “I think as a culture, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed.  We achieve one thing and then immediately focus on the next. Or we work ourselves to the bone getting the thing and by the time we get it, we’re too mentally/emotionally exhausted to enjoy it. So HO2YH is about not losing the moment, whether you’re dreaming or achieving. Young or old – don’t lose heart at any moment because it’s not worth it.”


Genre-hip-hop/indie/pop/alternative artist from Long Island, New York, Marcaux new single “Harm” is out nowThe video was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Alexa San Roman (Now, Now/Sainte).

Marcuax says, “The lyrics were originally on a different beat. And I loved the lyrics, but the beat was sh*t. When I started producing what would eventually be the final beat. I didn’t have any lyrics in mind. The songs for the EP were pretty much decided too. But I started sending the voice note around to my manager, my engineer, friends, etc. and I didn’t really have a choice but to make it the single with the feedback. Everyone needs a ‘Flex’ record, even on a sad boy EP. and when you cant get in touch with Pharrell, sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands.”


QUIX, Otira, Made By Tsuki, and Dr. Fresch continue the 10-year anniversary celebration of The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki’s iconic collaboration “Warp 1.9” with a fresh batch of remixes. The package starts off strong with an experimental reworking from New Zealand’s QUIX, followed by Otira’s dark breakbeat-inspired production. Made By Tsuki offers a gripping electro remix and Dr. Fresch closes out the collection with a bouncy 4/4 house transformation.

The official remix package arrives shortly after Steve Aoki collaborated with Kayzo to push the boundaries of “Warp” even further. Dubbed “Warp 2.019,” the two producers launched a new school rave rework of the Dim Mak catalog classic. Now the torch gets passed even further, as QUIX, Made by Tsuki, Dr. Fresh, and new Dim Mak signee Otira add their unique spins on the storied single.


(G)I-DLE’s arrival on the scene in 2018 included a slow reveal of the six members as well as a BTS-cover performance by the band before the viral debut. They then charted at #1 on the Korean Music Charts just 20 days after their debut and were subsequently awarded 10 Rookie of the Year Awards in 2018. (G)I-DLE has also received accolades from fans and media around the world.

(G)I-DLE recently made news in the US at their KCON/NY appearances including their show-stopping performance at Madison Square Garden. Their elated and screaming fans enjoyed the performance of their hits including “LATATA”, but also in a musical departure, the band’s theatrical performance of a song from the iconic movie, CHICAGO.

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