Today has been a day ladies and gentlemen. The hottest buzz around Atlanta was not about the UGA/Auburn game, but where and how Colin Kaepernick was doing. All we knew was that he would be in Atlanta working out for NFL personnel. Fast-forward to around 3:10 p.m. and all of a sudden a private workout is now open to media and in a much better location in Riverdale. After the news broke that he’d be closer to the city, Kaepernick supporters from all around showed up to support the activist during his workout session. I’ve included photos, videos, quotes, tweets, and interviews to paint an accurate and factual picture of what took place from Tuesday to today. So let’s begin.

Is this a real workout?

Just the other day, one of Kap’s closest friends Eric Reid was asked what he thought about the invitation and simply put, he had concerns. Watch this clip from the Carolina Blitz:

How it all went down according to Kaepernick’s agent Jeff Nalley

“I saw the statement (that the NFL issued). Earlier in the week when they dropped this on us, we didn’t ask for this. Apparently, they had been talking to reporters for weeks, they dropped it on us on Tuesday. We said two things were important: transparency and that it be a legitimate workout. When it appeared those things weren’t gonna happen we had a backup plan and that was this (the new location).”

The things that jumped out as red flags to Kap’s camp

  • Colin and the receivers signed an injury waiver at a university here (Atlanta) and were ready. It was good enough for a university but not for the NFL. What these guys signed was one page. The one the NFL sent over was six.
  • “We found out Tuesday morning (about the workout) but the PR department at the league office contacted several national media members last week and told them to ‘be ready for this.’ That’s why we had to have a backup plan, it didn’t smell right all week.”
  • “Roger Goodell has said that the league does not get involved in player workouts or team decisions so why did they do this? I thought from the beginning it seemed odd, and… We had to protect him (Colin).”
  • No team asked for this workout, the league office asked for this workout.
  • “The NFL was given a chance to have it at the Falcons facility as long as you (the media) could watch the process, as well as an independent camera crew, and they said no.”
  • “I asked for a list of the NFL personnel that were going to be there three times on Tuesday. They told me three times they would. Then Thursday morning they said, ‘we didn’t agree to that.’

Jeff confirmed with us that they would’ve been happy with their own team filming their workout, which makes sense. So somebody asked, “so why would they have a problem with you filming your own workout?” Jeff simply responded, “you’ll have to ask them.” (See the full interview below)

I normally deal with teams, I don’t deal with the league office. I’ve never had the league office call and ask for a workout. If I was dealing with a team none of this would’ve happened.” -Jeff Nalley, Colin Kaepernick’s agent

After word got out that the workout location had changed, the NFL put out a swift response to this afternoon’s audible.

The workout and the support was phenomenal

Fans line the fence at Kaepernick workout
“We didn’t tell anyone about the location. Nobody knew the location until you guys (media) reported on it this afternoon. So for this many people to show up and line the fence to support Colin is a beautiful thing.” -Jeff Nalley

Scouts told Nalley that Kaepernick’s arm talent is “elite” and “It’s the same as when he came out of college.” Nalley even asked them if they wanted to see him on a scale and they declined. “He looks great. He looks ripped,” they noted. A total of eight teams came to the workout in Riverdale but those teams asked to remain anonymous.

The league called Jeff Tuesday morning and said the workout, “had to be today, it had to be Atlanta, we asked for several other things that made more sense and they said no.” Location wasn’t a big issue for them. Kap’s camp was concerned about doing the workout at a time and on a day when head coaches/decision-makers could come. “So yea the NFL had 25 people there (Flowery Branch)… But were they decision-makers? No.” It was clear that something wasn’t right. Kap knew it, his agent knew it, even the fans could tell something was amiss. One fan I spoke with went as far as calling it “The Atlanta Screwjob” (a nod to the now-infamous Montreal Screw Job with Vince McMahon).

Kaepernick ATL Training
Quarterback Colin Kaepernick rolls out to pass during his workout in Atlanta (Hakim Wright/TPR)


Our videographer put together a highlight reel from the workout that you can view HERE. Until then, be sure to watch the Jeff Nalley interview in its entirety. He puts to rest all doubts and answered everyone’s questions. After seeing Kap workout today, hearing his words and that of his agent, the positive reports from the scouts, and seeing his talent with our own eyes, the league is going to have a tough time explaining itself out of this one.


-Jon J.

Cover Photo: Malcolm “X” Lewis

Workout Photos: Hakim Wright

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