Now more than ever, health and wellness are getting the long-overdue attention they deserve. With everyone’s health at risk because of coronavirus, people have been re-evaluating their daily routines, hygiene practices, and their diet. With personal health standing at the forefront of conversations worldwide, we believe now is the best time to introduce our favorite naturopathic doctor, Dr. Gertrise Thomas.

Dr. Thomas, or “Dr. Ge” as her friends like to call her, earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Alabama A&M University and her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Health Sciences. She was inspired from a young age to pursue a career in healthcare. Having seen close family members succumb to various medical conditions, her passion for helping others live whole, healthy lives, was ignited.

As an ND, she focuses on each patient as a “whole” person: that means mental/emotional health, physical health, and finding which symptoms (if any) are connected to others. “One of the main differences between an MD and an ND is that I’m looking at things from the root cause, not just looking at your symptoms,” she says. “We focus on botanical medicine, nutrition, and preventative care.”

As the Founder of “Whole You with Ge” and author of “Complete in God: A 12-day devotional guide to igniting your prayer life,” Dr. Ge uses her faith as well as her training in the principles of Naturopathic medicine to help people with their healing, growth, and transition on their journey to wholeness.

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