Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence are the brilliant minds behind the Apple TV+ Original, Ted Lasso. A small-time college football coach from Kansas, Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching football (soccer).

The 10-episode season begins with Ted’s arrival at his new digs and concludes with the most important match of the year. Adjusting to life in another country can be tricky. Watching Ted, along with his assistant Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), navigate new foods, new terminology, and a new sport, was a source of comedy all its own. Sudeikis was the perfect actor to pull off such consistent comedy for an entire season.

Ted Lasso is one of those special comedies where you’ll get your fair share of laughs, but also, learn a lot as the season progresses. If you don’t watch what the rest of the world calls “football” then you’ll find yourself learning new things right along with Ted.

While a comedy in its simplest form, the show boasts and incredible level of authenticity. Lasso’s club AFC Richmond is totally fictional, yet, they face real opponents like Fulham, Everton, and Manchester City. His club’s colors closely resemble that of Premier League club Crystal Palace, and their captain, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), is a character based on Irish legend Roy Keane, who played for Manchester United. With commentating from Arlo White to a dramatic rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the show doesn’t disappoint with its genuine football tropes.

The show was destined for success after NBC’s sports promos went viral in 2013 to promote its acquisition of the Premier League broadcast rights. The promotional turned Apple TV+ show has become a hit with fans globally and scored a 10-episode second season (set to this next year) and secured a third season by the end of 2020.

Ted Lasso gets a 10 out of 10. There’s enough comedy from enough sources to keep everyone pleased. It’s advanced enough to keep the purists pleased while it conveys sporting complexities in a simple manner, one that non-sports fans would appreciate.

-Jon J.

Photos: Courtesy of Apple TV+

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