Georgia Tech's Moses Wright dunks the ball over Florida State defenders in the Yellow Jackets' 80-75 win in the championship game of the ACC men's basketball tournament , Saturday, March 13, 2021 at the Greensboro Coliseum. (Walt Unks/Winston-Salem Journal)

The 2021 NCAA DI men’s basketball tournament is here and will be unlike any March Madness that has come before. All games will be played in Indiana, with most in Indianapolis. Atlanta was set to host the Final Four last year but, due to COVID-19, were never able to do so. With this year’s bracket, ATL will still be represented by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Find the full TV schedule, bracket, and how to follow Georgia Tech below.

  • First Four — 4 p.m. start on Thursday, March 18
  • First round — 12 p.m. start on Friday, March 19, and Saturday, March 20
  • Second round — 12 p.m. start on Sunday, March 21, and Monday, March 22
  • Sweet 16 — 2 p.m. start on Saturday, March 27, and 1 p.m. start on Sunday, March 28
  • Elite Eight — 7 p.m. start on Monday, March 29, and 6 p.m. start on Tuesday, March 30
  • Final Four — 5 p.m. start on Saturday, April 3
  • NCAA championship game — 9 p.m. Monday, April 5

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How to Watch

Georgia Tech’s Moses Wright dunks the ball over Florida State defenders in the Yellow Jackets’ 80-75 win in the championship game of the ACC men’s basketball tournament , Saturday, March 13, 2021 at the Greensboro Coliseum. (Walt Unks/Winston-Salem Journal)

CBS Sports and Turner Sports will continue to show all 67 games of the tournament across TBS, CBS, TNT, truTV and their digital platforms, including March Madness Live.

FIRST FOUR — Thursday, March 18   
(16) Texas Southern vs. (16) Mount St. Mary’s5:10 p.m.truTVSimon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(11) Drake vs. (11) Wichita State6:27 p.m.TBSMackey Arena
(16) Appalachian State vs. (16) Norfolk State8:40 p.m.truTVSimon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(11) UCLA vs. (11) Michigan State9:57 p.m.TBSMackey Arena
FIRST ROUND — Friday, March 19   
(7) Florida vs. (10) Virginia Tech12:15 p.m.CBSHinkle Fieldhouse
(3) Arkansas vs. (14) Colgate12:45 p.m.truTVBankers Life Fieldhouse
(1) Illinois vs. (16) Drexel1:15 p.m.TBSIndiana Farmers Coliseum
(6) Texas Tech vs. (11) Utah State1:45 p.m.TNTSimon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(2) Ohio State vs. (15) Oral Roberts3 p.m.CBSMackey Arena
(1) Baylor vs. (16) Hartford3:30 p.m.truTVLucas Oil Stadium Unity (South)
(8) Loyola Chicago vs. (9) Georgia Tech4 p.m.TBSHinkle Fieldhouse
(5) Tennessee vs. (12) Oregon State4:30 p.m.TNTBankers Life Fiieldhouse
(4) Oklahoma State vs. (13) Liberty6:25 p.m.TBSIndiana Farmers Coliseum
(8) North Carolina vs. (9) Wisconsin7:10 p.m.CBSMackey Arena
(2) Houston vs. (15) Cleveland State7:15 p.m.truTVSimon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(4) Purdue vs. (13) North Texas7:25 p.m.TNTLucas Oil Stadium Equality (North)
(7) Clemson vs. (10) Rutgers9:20 p.m.TBSBankers Life Fieldhouse
(6) San Diego State vs. (11) Syracuse9:40 p.m.CBSHinkle Fieldhouse
(3) West Virginia vs. (14) Morehead State9:50 p.m.truTVLucas Oil Stadium Unity (South)
(5) Villanova vs. (12) Winthrop9:57 p.m.TNTIndiana Farmers Coliseum
FIRST ROUND — Saturday, March 20   
(5) Colorado vs. (12) Georgetown12:15 p.m.CBSHinkle Fieldhouse
(4) Florida State vs. (13) UNC Greensboro12:45 p.m.truTVBankers Life Fieldhouse
(3) Kansas vs. (14) Eastern Washington1:15 p.m.TBSIndiana Farmers Coliseum
(8) LSU vs. (9) St. Bonaventure1:45 p.m.TNTSimon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(1) Michigan vs. (16) Mount St. Mary’s/Texas Southern3 p.m.CBSMackey Arena
(5) Creighton vs. (12) UC Santa Barbara3:30 p.m.truTVLucas Oil Stadium Unity (South)
(2) Alabama vs. (15) Iona4 p.m.TBSHinkle Fieldhouse
(6) USC vs. (11) Wichita State/Drake4:30 p.m.TNTBankers Life Fieldhouse
(2) Iowa vs. (15) Grand Canyon6:25 p.m.TBSIndiana Farmers Coliseum
(7) UConn vs. (10) Maryland7:10 p.m.CBSMackey Arena
(4) Virginia vs. (13) Ohio7:15 p.m.truTVSimon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(8) Oklahoma vs. (9) Missouri7:25 p.m.TNTLucas Oil Stadium Equality (North)
(1) Gonzaga vs. (16) Norfolk State/Appalachian State9:20 p.m.TBSBankers Life Fieldhouse
(6) BYU vs. (11) Michigan State/UCLA9:40 p.m.CBSHinkle Fieldhouse
(3) Texas vs. (14) Abilene Christian9:50 p.m.truTVLucas Oil Stadium Unity (South)
(7) Oregon vs. (10) VCU9:57 p.m.TNTIndiana Farmers Coliseum

Games will be played on two courts inside Lucas Oil Stadium, as well as Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Mackey Arena in West Lafayette and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall in Bloomington.

Georgia Tech

During the 2021 New York Life ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, N.C., Saturday, March 13, 2021. (Photo by Sara D. Davis, the ACC)

Tech has a 16-8 overall record and opens play in the NCAA Tournament at 4 p.m. Friday as a No. 9 seed against No. 8 Loyola Chicago at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind. The game will be televised on CBS.

For the first time since 2010, both men’s and women’s teams have qualified for the tournament. The men have pull out an impressive slate on wins during the tail-end of the season, including wins at home against Syracuse and Duke. To cap a terrific regular season, they won the ACC Championship which afforded them the No. 9 seed in the Big Dance.

With eight straight wins and 80/1 odds to win the tournament, all ATL eyes will be set on Georgia Tech. Gonzaga (+205), Baylor (+467), Michigan (+633), and Illinois (+667), have the shortest odds. Only four teams seeded No. 6 or lower have won the national championship since the first brackets of 1979. Moses Wright will look to lead the Yellow Jackets deep into the tournament, and with a hint of help from Lady Luck, they’ll get there.

The NCAA bracket itself was handled a bit differently because the entire tournament is in Indiana. The top four seeds were handled the same and so will the First Four. The changes will come in how the rest of the bracket is completed. Teams will be placed in the bracket based on rankings without the usual considerations for geography. This is called using the “S-curve”. There were 37 at-large selections (one more than normal) and 31 automatic qualifiers (one fewer than normal).

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