Indie Pop singer-songwriter, Yueku is thrilled to release his debut EP, Somewhere Else, out now. Yueku is the new solo project of Detroit Pop Writer / Vocalist Christian Koo, formerly of The True Blue. As the band drifted apart in 2020 Chris saw himself coming out to New York for several writing sessions which led to his first feature with Midnight Kids.

Eminent German DJ and producer TUJAMO has taken over with his catalogue of unforgettable releases. Returning to the release radar, TUJAMO is back with his new single ‘Underwater’. The uplifting dance hit takes listeners on a nostalgic journey with its emotive vocals, primed to hypnotize the dance floor. ‘Underwater’ is available now across streaming platforms via Believe Germany.

Seattle born and raised and current LA nativerecording artist Ryan Caraveo releases his highly anticipated new album Northend Sweetheart. Ryan was originally featured on Steve Aoki’s reimagination of Avril Lavigne’s iconic hit, “Complicated”. 

Call Me Karizma, a multi-genre artist from Minneapolis, has signed to Thriller Records. Thriller Records is a new label founded by Bob Becker, the mastermind and founder of world-renowned alternative rock label, Fearless Records.

With influences of rock, hip-hop, pop, and punk, Karizma is the voice of the unheard and outcasts. He does not shy away from storytelling, covering topics on mental health, politics, and relationships.

Featuring wispy vocals and a funky-jazz bassline, +LMNTS & Camille Ruz’s New Noise debut, “Close,” distinguishes itself as a certified tropics earworm. Joey and Raphael Tingen, the masterminds behind +LMNTS, drop their first major label release via Dim Mak’s New Noise series.

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