Music Monday: Pushing Daizies, Leaving Laurel, Fuel, for KING & COUNTRY, and Lauren Daigle

After the much-anticipated announcement of their true identities, Pushing Daizies officially release their first full-length body of work with their “Initium” album. Featuring an epic culmination of twelve tracks, the LP features formerly released favorites such as “Want It To End,” “Dreams,” and “I Want To Know” as well as five brand new tracks. True to the Pushing Daizies style, each new track is both melodic and meaningful in its own way, exemplifying the emotion and personal experiences that take the shape of every song.

For Pierce and Gordon of Leaving Laurel, their music is a story of an old friendship that over many years, almost accidentally, blossomed into a musical collaboration.  Friends on the internet first, and eventually roommates in Los Angeles, the pair spent years together making their own separate brands of dance music, long before ever collaborating with one another. Gordon was one-half of bass-heavy duo Botnek, whilst Pierce found fame and toured the world with his solo project.

Pierce passed away in April of this year after a tragic struggle with his mental health. This album is dedicated to his memory and has come to represent much more than two friends making music together in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Alternative rock band FUEL today release their second single “Don’t Say I”, from their highly anticipated full-length album, ANOMALY, out in late-October, 2021. 

“Don’t Say I” is a modern evolution of the classic FUEL sound. Lead singer John Corsale’s passionate and soulful vocals soar from beginning to end in an impressive display of his talent. Carl Bell’s well-known songwriting combines catchy melodies with powerful, thoughtful lyrics.

for KING & COUNTRY release their latest single “RELATE”. Song is available now on all platforms. The track talks about different lifestyles and viewpoints and pushing the notion that we’re all really the same.

Lauren Daigle is back with a live performance of her new single, “Tremble”. She sings about how it feels to be in the presence of God. There’s a great level of humility and acknowledgement of God and how His promises and patience are enough to make one tremble.

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