Day Shift is an action-horror comedy that’s both entertaining and cheesy. Jamie Foxx stars as Bud Jablonski, a pool cleaner who recently separated from his wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good) and tries his best to stay connected with his daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax).

A well-respected stunt coordinator, J.J. Perry makes his directorial debut. Because of his background, Day Shift boasts the most incredible fight scenes you’ll ever see in a vampire flick.

The performance from Meagan Good is pretty much what you’d expect. You could swap her out with any actress and the role wouldn’t change. Zion had an above-average performance as the daughter caught in the middle of a parental reconnect. The storyline is interesting enough to keep your attention, but eventually, things will start to get predictable.

DAY SHIFT. (L to R) Oliver Masucci as Klaus, Meagan Good as Jocelyn, and Zion Broadnax as Paige in Day Shift. Cr. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2022

If doubling as a pool cleaner and a vampire hunter wasn’t enough of a stretch, the hunting itself is a major business with its very own union. For better or for worse, Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco round off the campy cast with their own humor and far-fetched exploits.

I give Day Shift a 7 out of 10. You’ll absorb a boatload of action, a decent storyline, B-level humor from Foxx/Franco, and eye candy in Meagan Good. It should be repeated, the fight scenes are really good!

I wouldn’t expect anything during awards season, but, this is a good film to pass the time on a Friday night. Also, even though there’s a child character, this is nowhere suitable for kids with the language, blood, and violence featured.

Day Shift is now streaming on Netflix

-Jon Jones

Cover photo credit: ANDREW COOPER/NETFLIX © 2022

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