The Interlock, the premiere mixed-use property developed by SJC Ventures in the heart of West Midtown Atlanta, is pleased to announce the grand opening of Sandbox VR, a full-body virtual reality entertainment experience, on November 11.

Sandbox VR’s socially immersive gaming experience combines full-body motion capture and high-quality haptics to provide unprecedented realism and complete immersion that’s not possible with home VR systems or other location-based VR venues, taking group Virtual Reality gameplay and competitive socializing to the next level.

“Atlanta is, by far, the Sandbox VR location we’ve received the most requests to open,” said Steve Zhao, founder of Sandbox VR. “We are thrilled the Atlanta community has welcomed us with open arms and proud to partner with SJC Ventures to open our newest location in The Interlock, one of the hottest entertainment areas in this vibrant city.”

“Sandbox VR is the perfect addition to our dynamic lineup of tech-infused entertainment options at The Interlock,” said Jeff Garrison, partner at SJC Ventures. “This space is a magnet for high-end first-to-market tenants and I have no doubt that residents and visitors in West Midtown will love this new addition.” 

Sandbox VR’s location at The Interlock is a 5,500-square-foot entertainment space featuring four private rooms for virtual reality gameplay called “holodecks.” Each holodeck enables groups of up to six players to have a truly shared experience, exploring virtual worlds and relying on each other to succeed in games designed to be social experiences. Together with friends, family, or co-workers, players are equipped with a VR headset, a haptic vest, a backpack, and motion sensors on their wrists and ankles. This technology allows players to see and physically interact with one another while feeling like they are in the middle of an action movie, with the heightened emotions that come from not just watching a film, but from actually becoming the stars of the action. 

Guests can choose from any of six exclusive immersive experiences created by Sandbox VR’s in-house team of video game industry veterans:

 Deadwood Valley

○      The newest and most immersive experience yet! Engage in an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride through a town overrun by zombies. Your squad could stop the zombie menace forever – or die trying!

●      Deadwood Mansion

○      Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Work with your team to protect Deadwood Mansion from a terrifying horde of undead.

●      Curse of Davy Jones

○      Battle on the high seas against a variety of supernatural creatures and hunt for the long-lost treasure of Davy Jones.

●      Amber Sky 2088

○      Become heroic Androids equipped with futuristic weapons and soar through the clouds on a space elevator while defending Earth from an alien invasion.

●      Star Trek: Discovery 

○      Built in partnership with CBS Interactive, in Star Trek, become a Starfleet Officer and beam down with your friends to explore alien worlds.

●      UFL: Unbound Fighting League 

○      Transform into a futuristic gladiator and compete against your friends in thrilling duels in a breathtaking arena beyond the limits of reality.

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