QUIX has been making his mark on Dim Mak this year with explosive releases including “Enter With Caution,” “Pompeii” (with Cyclops), and now, “Take My Breath Away” featuring Linney. 

“Take My Breath Away” is a powerful example of QUIX’s hybrid bass production prowess. Fans will recognize this track, as the instrumental was a highly sought-after ID for about a year now after he teased it on his Instagram. 

“A Slushii Summer” continues with this week’s single, “Smoke.” A divine mixture of indie pop vocals, and Slushii’s danceable productions – “Smoke” is the type of song you want to play in the car with the windows down, on your way to the beach. A tale of an inconsistent lover, “Smoke” paints a picture of a girl who is sometimes here, sometimes smoke. 

Alterrnative/rock band Pleaser is thrilled to release their new single “Cold Feet”. Founded in 2019, Pleaser is a four-piece band formed by Collin Bennett -Vocals, Aidan Post -Bass, Kyle Eger -Lead Guitar, and Jordan Johnson -Drums, makeup Pleaser: A team with pure energy, passion, and determination to create. With influences ranging from The Strokes to Gorillas to Thin Lizzy, they can be counted on for solid melody, great harmonies, and riffs that stick in your head for days.

Indie pop duo FRENSHIP is thrilled to release their new single “Cry”. FRENSHIP says, “Cry embodies a real fuck it moment in our songwriting. We typically comb our lyrics obsessively but with this one, we stepped away from the large perspective writing and focused on real granular feelings.”

the UK-trio JADED teams up with the rapidly growing, multi-instrumentalist/DJ Carlita for their latest single ‘Zorro’, an eclectic soundscape and instant dancefloor heater.

With horns blazing and beats rolling, JADED and Carlita bring us a fun atmosphere perfect for virtually any stage or setting. The pounding beat, subtle cowbell, wobbling synth, and reverberating vocals send us into a frenzy, and it’s clear that the artists hold nothing back with ‘Zorro’.

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