Stanley Omah Didia, known professionally as Omah Lay, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition in early 2020 after his self-produced single, “Bad Influence”, went viral on social media. He’s gone viral again with his most recent track, “Soso”. A little Afrobeats can jumpstart any week, especially with a holiday tomorrow!

Dim Mak proudly welcomes Hermitude to their ever-growing label roster, with the release of the duo’s feel-good summer anthem “Celebrate.” 

The meticulous production effortlessly shines through as the track unfolds, unveiling a mesmerizing array of drums, intricate basslines, and melodies that harmoniously create a sonic tapestry that’s both uplifting and irresistible. This first release is just a taste of what’s to come from Hermitude on Dim Mak.

Following the successful release of her debut single, “You Already Know”, AKICITA – the captivating indie-soul-pop sensation – is set to make another significant impact on the music scene once again with the release of her poignant sophomore single, “Liquor”. This soulful ballad, drenched in emotional intensity, delves into the harrowing realities of alcoholism and the devastating effects it can have on one’s life.

After a world-beating tour and acclaimed album REBELS NEVER DIE revealed a tougher, darker, and more personal side to the electronic music icon, Hardwell returns with another boundary-pushing track that combines the edgier production style of REBELS NEVER DIE with a more vocal-driven sound. Featuring the additional talents of DJ/producer AZTECK and vocalist Alex Hepburn, ‘Anybody Out There’ takes the raw unfiltered energy of Hardwell’s recent work and spins it with an undeniable pop sensibility sure to light up both dancefloors and airwaves this summer.

Indie pop outfit Iglu & Hartly releases their new single called “Flash Bang”. Their upcoming UK Tour includes stops in Glasgow, Manchester, and London. Have a good holiday week!

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