The story of Stephen Curry is one of the greatest underdog stories in modern sports. The documentary, Stephen Curry: Underrated, features one-on-one interviews with family and friends detailing his upbringing and how he overcame adversity.

For the focus to be on such an amazing player who’s accomplished so much, the documentary was pretty underwhelming. Through archival footage, we get to experience his laundry list of lows and exactly how far he’s come. Most films acknowledge the lows but give equal attention (if not more) to the highs, but here, we see missed shots, bad defense, and poor decisions on the ball (repeatedly). All of this gives more credence to him being one of the best stories in sports.

Coach Bob McKillop and Stephen Curry in “Stephen Curry: Underrated,” premiering July 21, 2023, on Apple TV+.

But again, for this to have names like Peter Nicks and Ryan Coogler behind it, more was expected. As a man who often talks about his faith, nothing was mentioned in the film. They could’ve shown a bit more of what his daily life is like and even featured a few words from his immediate family, but his parents make up for most of that.

Is it a bad film? No. His story, from start to finish, is a heroic tale of determination and perseverance. It’s just in the execution of this project, bits and pieces are missing. His monotone voice when speaking on experiences and the disturbing amount of silence throughout the film (very little music) is enough to tire even the most dedicated fan.

Stephen Curry: Underrated gets a 7 out of 10. The overall story is inspiring and what he’s accomplished is incredible, but this should’ve been better. It’s good, but it could’ve and should’ve been great.

-Jon Jones

Stephen Curry: Underrated is now available on Apple TV+

Photos: Courtesy of Apple TV+

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