France-Atlanta teams up with ELEVATE for upcoming festival

This year’s ELEVATE public art festival will feature work by some Atlanta’s most interesting and thought-provoking artists. Adding international flavor to the festival, France-Atlanta is partnering with the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs to bring in some … Continue reading France-Atlanta teams up with ELEVATE for upcoming festival

ELEVATE Arts Festival Features

  ELEVATE Arts Festival is coming October 17-23 and everything is free. That’s right, free and open to the public. Over 100 artists will come together to turn downtown ATL into a beautiful, interactive experience. We’re talking projections on buildings, contemporary art, sculptures, installations, mobile art galleries, aerial acts, dancing, spoken word performances, and anything else epic you could think of! 😀  Here are 4 women you should look out for during the festival 😉   Romy Maloon is an installation fine artist working in mixed media. Her background in catering and event coordination, combined with her studies at the Ringling College … Continue reading ELEVATE Arts Festival Features


  Imagine a huge art and music block party on Friday, October 17 and presenting events and exhibits daily all over downtown through Thursday, October 23. On top of all events are free and open to the public? That is ELEVATE 2014! Here are just a few things you can experience during ELEVATE 2014:   Branden Collins will use ancient forms of masking and costuming from various cultures as reference points in his exhibit at Gallery 72. His artwork incorporates brilliant colors and tribal elements and encourages the viewer to come closer. The Goat Farm, working with over 20 artists and designers, will transform … Continue reading ELEVATE 2014