Welcome to the official blog of The Peach Review™ ! Atlanta’s new fully digital, mobile magazine!

Make sure to check our blog every week to see what new progress has been made!

TPR (The Peach Review™) is the first digital magazine of its kind for the city of Atlanta! prepare to see, learn, and experience new things and new people through our publication!

There are many magazines here, but we like to think we’re different for a number of reasons:

1) We don’t focus solely on luxury (like a lot of local magazines do)

2) We want you to learn something in every issue

3) Our magazine is general enough that it’s relative to children and adults alike.

So make sure to check back periodically to see what we’re up to! We promise to highlight parts of Atlanta you never knew existed! and events you never knew occurred!


Soon to come!:

-Interviews! Who will be featured in the first issue?!?!

-Ad information! Looking for some new exposure to your business???!!!

-Sneak peaks of photos, interviews, commentary!!!!

-An official countdown to launch day!

-Maybe a tid bit of info that may leak about future projects? (cough cough)

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