Wow it’s been about a week since we’ve last updated you with what’s going on! We’re excited to let you know about a few things:

-For all of you writers out there, we’re going to sit down and chat with a screenwriter/actor that worked for Tyler Perry for 5 years and who can be seen in a few feature films this spring

-You like underground? style? music? recreation? We’re bringing it to ya!

-For you football fans, you heard of Fran Tarkenton? How is it living life trying to live up to the standards that a last name brings along with it? Well we’re going to ask his daughter! 🙂

-For you health nuts! awesome supplement/exercise advice!

All of this awesomeness, all of this Atlanta 🙂

And for our last big announcement today..the COVER has been chosen! 🙂 But we can’t let you see what THAT looks like……but we can tell you that WE know what it is lol I know that’s terrible, we’re sorry lol

Tell all your friends and prepare yourselves. The only magazine around where YOU may find yourself in it;) 


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