We are very happy to say that we’ll be speaking with the future of music business by weeks end. It’s taken about 6 weeks to make this happen (catering to 4 different schedules) but it is now official. We will have the opportunity to pick the brain of 2 of Kennesaw State University’s finest.

Lauren and Angie are both KSU students enrolled in the KSUMEBUS (Kennesaw State University Music and Entertainment Business program) at Kennesaw State. Both are extremely busy between work and school but both have shown that music plays an abundant role in their everyday lives. We chose them because they both standout. Not only because of their personalities but because of their drive, work ethic, and kindness. No egos over here! 🙂

We look forward to picking their brains in a few days and being able to display how music is moving forward. Everyone can see the artists, but it’s not very often we get to see how the business portion of music works. So this is very exciting for a myriad of reasons!

Remember to check back periodically! The Peach Review™ has more stories to come!


3 thoughts on “The Future of Music Business is Looking Bright”
  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Way 2 go Ang; I am soooooooooo proud of you. You are almost @ the finish line, living your dream. You go girl! & Shout out to the Peach Review for noticing REAL talent & motivation to SUCCEED!!!

  2. I know music has been a passion of yours for most of your life. I have no doubt that you will reach the stars! Proud of you baby girl! Love you! MOM

  3. Way to go Angie!! Keep following your dreams and don’t forgot about me in the ville when you make it BIG!… I remember when you were shy back in the day but you killing them now my girl!!

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