Hello everyone! We have a lot to update you on and we’re excited for the advancements that have been made! We’d like to take this time to display the hard work of our guys that are working around the clock covering different events, parties, interviews, and everything else Atlanta has to offer. So we’d like to take a second and put them on display. We are surrounded by talent in every area and we are most grateful!

(All photos are © of The Peach Review™ and their respective photographers)

Matt Campbell of AP Photography recently covered the National Black Arts Festival at Bentley Motors a few months ago. Here are a few of his shots.


















Our next photographer is Jonathan Davis. Here’s a few of his photos from our recent interviews:





















Our next photographer is Kent Foster. Here’s a photo from our conversation with Tiffany Newberry:













Last but not least we’d like to thank our graphic art contributor Bob Jeffreys. His talent will be displayed below:

©BobJeffreys ©ThePeachReview™









With that we’d like to share our heartfelt appreciation to those that apply so much work behind the scenes. We thank you deeply for what you’ve contributed to the building of this great project and we hope you all will continue to watch us grow!


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